Sniffing Training Mat

A 90x90cm
B 70X50cm
C 75x45cm
D 50x45cm
E 50x45cm
F 25.5x25.5cm

Product Info

  • Type: Interactive Toys
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: ~300g
  • Hide snacks in the sniffing mat for your pets to find it
  • Helps to train dog's sniffing skills
  • Easy to clean, as sniffing mat is made of sustainable hand-made anti-pilling fleece material

Size Chart and Product Pictures

Style: A 90x90cm

Style: B 70X50cm

Style: C 75x45cm

Style: D 50x45cm

Style: E 50x45cm

Style: F 25.5x25.5cm

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