Flower Necklace Collar

Milky Rainbow
Yellow Purple

Product Info

  • Type: Collars
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cute collar suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Product includes: 1x Flower Necklace Collar

Size Chart

Size Neck Circumference
XS 24 CM
S 24-29 CM
M 29-34 CM
L 34-38 CM
XL 38-43 CM
XXL 43-47 CM


Below is for references only, please use scale for accurate sizes. A same breed may vary according to age, weight, fluffy or not.

XS: Small Cat & Mini Size Dogs
S: Cat & Small Sized Dogs: Pomeranian, Yorkshire, Maltese
M: Fluffy Cat & Fluffy Small Sized Dogs, Middle Sized Dogs Shiba, Frenchbull, Spaniel, Bichon, Poodle, Corgi, Dachshund
L: Small & Middle Sized Dogs Shiba, Frenchbull, Spaniel, Collie, Sheperd
XL: Middle Sized Dogs Collie, Sheperd, Golden Retriever, Labrado
XXL: Golden Retriever, Labrado, Husky, Samoyed


Product Pictures



Color:Milky Rainbow


Color:Yellow Purple





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